MINISTAR Project was born with the aim of realizing a dynamic, miniaturized OGSE (Optical Ground Support Equipment) to be used during the AIT phase for Start Trackers Multi-Head sensors, for space flights.

The instrument is made by a precision optic, a micro display and a proximity electronics: the weight and the small size allow the direct connection to the satellite baffle.



LoThe aim of Ministar is to simulate a Star Tracker satellite flight in flight setup - complete configuration.

On one or more optical satellite heads, Ministar projects a representation of the starry sky as it would appear in Space. The satellite recognizes the fixed stars and calculates its position.

In order to test the tracking, a predefined route simulation can be performed. Alternatively, real time commands generated by the navigation system can be used.

Some of the most common visual disturbances can be added in order to validate the robustness of the recognition.

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