Software Development


Software design, development and maintenance are part of our core business. Thanks to more than twenty years of activity, we have a deep know-how and we are able to provide support during all the software development phases. Software engineering, analysis, development and maintenance phases are realized by qualified engineers. Our strength is the capability to elaborate technical specifics to produce high maintainability and reusability software architectures. The experience in the military, avionic and aerospace segment ensures software reliability from a quality point of view.

Language and programming platform

The mostly used programming languages are C and C++. We work on Windows, Linux and ARM embedded environments. The most used IDEs are:

  • Windows: VisualStudio, QtCreator, Eclipse
  • Linux: QtCreator, Eclipse
  • ARM: Code Composer Studio

SW Visual

Our core business is the realization of very complex control systems, where the visual interface development represent the main area. Thanks to our experience in MMI (Man Machine Interface) realization, nowadays, we are able to ensure to the final user an optimized software usage experience, maximizing efficiency and user-friendliness. The most recent programming techniques ensure a high processing power. We are expert in the development of applications to support the design, development and qualification of electronic instruments: in particular, we develop visual software used in avionic production benches or aerospace test benches.

SW Embedded

We develop embedded software for avionic, military and industrial devices. We are able to find the best solutions for our customers requirements. In this field, we primarily develop ARM architectures (SoC), System on Chip, or Bare-metal. We usually develop the logic part on FPGA or on ARM with an embedded software.

Software quality

Software quality is fundamental for us, that is why we work in compliance with strict quality standards set for the avionic, military and aerospace industry DO-178B, ESARR, MIL-STD-498, ECSS).

Maintenance and support

Product delivery does not represent the end of our work: thanks to our local presence, we are able to promptly support and maintain the software we release to our clients.