Hardware Development

Hardware design represents our core business. We are a strategic partner for the big companies in the avionic, space, military and naval industry. Our hardware department manages all the prototype production phases, from the feasibility analysis to the final production. We support our customers all over the engineering phases, specifications drawing-up, documentation, electronic boards production, certificates compliant with the specific requirements. Design phase is completely internalised. Our trusted partners allow us to produce high quality boards. Our team is made by firmware specialists able to work with several embedded environments. Design and production phases are managed and documented in line with specific quality standards, which require proprietary templates or templates owned by our clients. Our R&D area is provided with several test and measurement instruments, an electronic lab and a warehouse with dedicated military area. Everything is compliant with the newest industry laws and requirements.


Our specialists have been developing technical knowledge and capabilities for the manufacturing of electronic systems able to integrate the most advanced technologies. Our expertise concerns both analogical and digital hardware manufacturing.


Design activities are carried out internally with the production of electric boards and PCB routings on Mentor and Cadence environments. This phase is supervised by specialists skilled in failure analysis for the documentation FMEA and FEMCA. We have experience in the design of flight electronics and cards suitable for operation and storage in thermal vacuum and extreme environments. Our main design activities are:

  • Feasibility analysis and support for specification drawing-up
  • Wiring diagrams
  • PCB routings
  • Product or system specifics analysis and definition
  • Hardware design of analogical, RF, digital applications
  • Hardware design of board based on PIC, FPGA, CPLD, ARM, SOC
  • Flight electronics design
  • Process or product FMEA and FMECA analysis


We have been collecting experiences and knowledge related to storage issues, reliability over the time and electronic board production processes. These expertises lead us to an efficient production process and to a low non-conformity rate. We storage material according to avionic and military standards and requirements. Our production services are:

  • Prototyping and pre-series production
  • Small and medium volumes production
  • Certified production processes according to military /avionic/aerospace standards


Certification activity characterizes all our systems. CE marking, vibration test, climatic test, electromagnetic compatibility and electric safety are part of our expertises. We can support our customers in issues related to marking CE, homologations and industry certification. We also supply CE certification services for third parties’ products and systems.


We develop firmware embedded for FPGA and CPLD in Intel/Altera and Xilinx environment. We develop proprietary firmware on FPGA, which implements standard protocols likes PCI, PCIe, Bluetooth, Channel Link, Ethernet. We realize embedded Software on ARM and PIC processors; drivers in Microsoft environment for board with PCIe and USB interfaces. We have experience in Linux Embedded systems.


We have experiences with the main embedded development tools, such as:

  • Intel Quartus Prime
  • Xilinx ISE
  • Texas Instrument Code Composer

We develop specific firmware for application in military DO standard and related documents.


We provide support for the writing of procedures and related documentation for validation tests according to military and avionic standards.