Quality: from a shared value to EN9100 certificate for Aerospace Industry

Our Quality Policy

Saitec acts according to di continuous improvement approach (process apporach), with the aim to achieve the higher customers satisfaction, with  reliable and effective products compliant to the requirements, with design and production processes characterized by the  maximum levels of safety and quality (leadership); as a natural result, we adopted EN9100 quality standard for design and production in Aerospace and Defense field.
L'immagine che unisce i concetti di Qualità e Affidabilità sottolinea l'importanza della Qualità come valore prima ancora che come requisito di certificazione EN9100 per l'Aerospazio


After a deep context analysis, our Management decided the following quality management approach in order to reach goals in terms of Product and Service Quality delivered to our Clients, in compliance with the standards required by the Regulation, ensuring the right and continuous application of what contained in the documentation – where applicable. The certificate is limited to Space, Avionic and Defense Business Units, the same approach is applied to all the other Business Units(Railways, other application) and to all the activities involved, in order to guarantee the higher products reliability   and compliance to the main safety requirements.  



Quality principles according to  EN9100 Aerospace Quality Standard





Focus on client all over the industrial processes (Customer Satisfaction)mbito dei processi aziendali (Customer Focus).

Contract requirements analysis, in addition to the mandatory requirements – where applicable, in order to evaluate the feasibility (Risk analysis).

Incident reporting is encouraged in order to promptly remove the root of the problem and to implement the right corrective and improvement actions (Occurrence reporting).

Deliver a product responding to what contractually defined thanks to the commitment in the application of what defined by the technical and system documentation (Engagement of People).

Cooperate with the Auditors in order to allow the right evaluation of the capability to work and act accordingly to the required standards.

Commitment to provide human, infrastructural, technology and know-how resources appropriate to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Company Quality System’s efficiency and efficacy (Improvement).



EN9100 Aerospace Quality standard and ISO 9001


Always working to ensure high standards of safety and quality, Saitec decided to formalize this commitment.

On 2016 the company became certified according to ISO9001, and then from 2018,  certified supplier according to EN9100 standard, which is the offical quality standard for Aerospace and Defense industry, & published by IAQG - International Aerospace Quality Group.

ISO9001 is included and contained in this stricter standard, which contains specific requirements for Space and Defense applications.


Attestato di Certificazione di Qualità EN9100-ISO9001 Aerospazio e Difesa




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