ATLID Instrument EGSE

earthcare slideEarthCARE(Cloud, Aerosol and Radiation Explorer), result of the joint venture between ESA and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency),  it isthe largest and most complex Earth exploration mission in ESA's Living Planetit is expected to lead to important advances in the knowledge of the role that clouds and aerosol play in solar radiation reflection back into Space and how infrared radiation emitted from the Earth's surface is trapped, as well as important developments in the prediction of atmospheric phenomena . (ref. ESA missions website EarthCare mission website).


EarthCARE payload is made by four instruments: 

  • High Spectral Resolution UV Atmosferic Lidar (ATLID)
  • Cloud Profiling Radar
  • Multi-Spectral Imager
  • Broad-Band Radiometer

ATLID, supplied by Airbus Space & Defense, is a LIDAR instrument with high spectral resolution in the ultraviolet band, that aims  to study the vertical profiles of the clouds and the aerosol layers.  



Saitec takes part in the mission as supplier of ATLID TXA TLE EGSE tool for the ATLID HW and SW test, in order to validate the tool, support its integration and in-flight activities. The EGSE is based on an electronic system specifically developed for this application and is composed by several modules:

- Front End Subsystem (FEU), which support the electronic interfaces towards the TLE. Its main function is to allow adjustments of the electrical signal levels between the FPGA and the DUT and to connect the analog interfaces of the front panel and the multimeter. 

- Power supplier for Front End Subsystem (FEPS)

- LCL Load Subsystem (LCLU)

- Safety Box Subsystem (SBU)

- Power Supplier for DUT (DPS1 and DPS2)


This test unit made for ARLID integration.

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